“What are you so afraid of?” He asked softly.

“You” She whispered as she slowly backed away, “I’m afraid of loving you,” she said as tears streamed down her face, “because everyone I’ve ever loved…has hurt me, lied to me, abandoned me.” Her steps faltered as she started to turn away from him. “Do you know what that’s like?” She whispered to him or herself, she didn’t quite know.

“I’m so afraid of everything, of everyone! Because everyone that I should have been able to count on, has let me down. Because everyone I have ever loved, and everyone who should have loved me, has tossed me aside. Do you know what that’s like?” She turned her back to him, and her fingers digging into her hair. “I am so sick of being afraid! Afraid of not being lovable, of not being enough.” She dropped to her knees, hands still holding her head, not knowing what to do anymore. And then, he spoke…

“I do know…better than anyone. I know what it’s like to have loved ones turn away, and have them cast you aside. I know what it’s like to be afraid, just like I know what it’s like to be betrayed by those who are closest to you.” He stepped silently towards the distraught child, coming around to kneel in front of her, uncaring of the filth. “I know what it’s like, I understand.” The child slowly lifted her tear stained face, looking searchingly to him.

“But how?” She asked, voice breaking through her pain.

He stretched out his scarred hands, not touching her…but still reaching out. “I know,” he said gently, “because it has happened to me. My friends turned away, a friend denied me, and a friend betrayed me. My Father turned his face away, and I have been cast aside. I know what you are going through. I know you have been cast aside, I know that you have been afraid. I know that you have doubted your worth, doubted your value. Just like I know you have experienced heartache and pain, far to much for someone your age to have gone through. But throughout all of this, you have never – not even once- been alone. I have been beside you, every step of the way. I have seen your pain, I have seen your loss, and I know your doubts. I have waited for you, for so long. I have waited for you to see me, to talk to me. I can heal all your pain, I can take away all your fears, and I can love you with a love beyond comprehension. But I can’t, unless you let me. I have been waiting to take away your pain, your heartache, I have been waiting to soothe your fears. I have been waiting to hold you in my arms, so that I can wipe away all your tears and sadness. All you have to do…is let me.” He spoke with tears in his eyes, looking at her with such love and tenderness, that she had never seen nor experienced. He remained kneeling in the dirt, scarred hands outstretched, his question still hanging in the air.

His name is Jesus, and He has always been there for you. He has never left you, He has been with you through everything. And He wants to help…will you let him in?

“Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in…”

-Revelation 3:20


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