I am more than this earthly shell.

I am more than this feeble body.

Inside, I am a raging hurricane, my mind is something that you will never be able to comprehend.

My thoughts are a whirlwind, never stopping…never ceasing.

Do not think that I am merely the grades you hand out, my genius lies elsewhere.

My genius is in how I can read people, without even knowing their name.

My knowledge comes from observing, and not endless chatter.

My brains come from being able to adapt, and not letting it be formed in the rigid rules of society.

I am more than you will ever know, you do not get to question my value.

I am more than a castoff, I have value. Do not judge me, as you would others.

For I am like nothing you have ever seen, and if you test me…I will win.


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